Wood N Iron Garden Products in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal for sale

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Wood N Iron is a business that sells Compost...
About us: We are a company called Wood N Iron which sells garden products such as…
Wood N Iron  products:
·         Compost               R23.00-       Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Lawn Dressing     R44.00-       Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Potting Mix          R44.00 -      Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Seedling Mix        R44.00-       Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Mulch                   R45.00-      Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Chicken Litter      R44.00-      Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Bark Nuggets      Small Bag-   R39.00  Per 60dm3 Bag
·         Bark Nuggets      Large Bag-  R48.00 Per 60dm3 Bag
Just a bit of useful & helpful information:
1.       The bag… The product comes in double the size of a nursery bag.
2.       All orders under 80 bags to be collected from our office at 26 Willowton Road, We are on the Starke Ayres premises.
3.       Orders larger than 80 bags will be delivered to your site with a traveling cost.
4.       All orders will be confirmed with a proof of payment.
5.       Clients will be notified when the product will be ready for collection or delivery.
If you are interested in any of these products please do not hesitate to send us an email.
Please note: If orders exceeds 5 cubes or more delivery will be taken to your premises. If the order is less than 5 cubes then your order can be fetched from 26 Willowton Road with prior arrangement for your order / orders.
It would be greatly appreciated if all communication could be done via email.
Kind Regards
Jen (Sales Representative)
WOOD N IRON Email Address: woodniron65@gmail.com